FITNESS MAGAZINE: 10- minute Yoga Immune Booster based on the Dr Yoga/Heriza “Yoga Vitamin”

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Medically endorsed by world renowned and respected Physician and TV Host DR OZ.   “image  “The programs in “DrYoga” act preventively&postop. They help diminish pain, quicken recovery”. (DrYoga Pg149)

Based on Clinical Programs she created  for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center – A Pioneer in Integrative Medicine      image       “Heriza’s book helps reaffirm Yoga as a serious CLmodality for CAD & diverse medical conditions”  PKShahMD.CSMCDirCardio UCLA Professor of Medicine         .

and Oscar Winning Actress Fitness Icon JANE FONDA’s Famed BeverlyHills WORKOUT Studio circa 1980’s

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2015- The Ellen Show   Still Rockin’ On!


A Medical adaptation of Legendary Guru SRI SWAMI SATCHIDANANDA’s traditional Hatha Yoga Teachings.

image  foto: Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine  2000                                  STHIRA SUKHAM ASANAM  Yoga Asana is a steady comfortable pose -Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 

buffystewart.cobrapose.  Buffy Ford Stewart Recovered Cancer patient (Bhujangasana-Cobra Pose) 

DR YOGA by Nirmala Heriza (PenguinTarcher) Nautilus Award recipient   Links:    Amazon   Dr. Yoga by Nirmala Heriza (PenguinTarcher)    Internet Movie database:   IMDB: Nirmala Heriza   THE LIFE SITE produced by King World:  Featured Author and Clinical Yoga Osteopathic Therapist.

Foreward by Dean Ornish M.D Founder President: Preventive Medicine Research Institute    Preface: C. Noel Bairey M.D. Director of the Barbra Streisand Women’s Heart Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Medical Contributors: Dr. Mehmet Oz  M.D.   Dr. P.K. Shah, M.D.;   and  Dr. Sandra McLanahan, M.D.  ( author of  “Surgery and It’s Alternatives”.)                                                                               

FITNESS MAGAZINE SPECIAL PREVENTIVE HEALTH  FEATURE: 10 minute Yoga Stress Mgt/Immune Booster program based on the  “10-minute “DR YOGA VITAMIN” program by Nirmala Heriza, B.A.CYT,CMFT,CaC (doctoral candidate) featured in her bestselling book “DrYoga: Medical Benefits of Yoga” (Penguin/Tarcher)  a clinical  adaptation of the Integral Yoga Teachings of  bestselling Author,  world renowned Yoga Master SRI SWAMI SATCHIDANANDA.   by  Hagar Scher/Nirmala Heriza adapted for Fitness Magazine based on her CL program created for  Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a pioneer in Integrative Medicine and Fitness Icon Legendary Award winning Actress Bestselling Author JANE FONDA famed Beverly Hills Workout Studio,  (scroll to)  PLEASE NOTE ASANA MODIFICATIONS in the Fitness Program as requested by Fitness Magazine.

  janefonda'sworkoutstudio  image   

as  featured in her Award Winning bestselling  book “DR YOGA, the Medical Benefits of Yoga (Yoga for Health) : PenguinTarcher.

For additional information  on  my  featured medically verified  Dr Yoga programs, go to:   Dr Yoga Media  Sri Swami Satchidananda’s classic bestselling ” Integral Yoga Hatha”  and  his bestselling   DvD:  “Yoga with a Master”    Swami Satchidananda IMDB: Internet Movie Database

SriGurudev.HarpersBazaarHarper’s Bazaar                                        

If you have a medical condition, consult with your physician before beginning this or any. other physical activity or exercise program


Photo abstracts from the Original “Dr Yoga Vitamin” featured in Dr. Yo (PenguinTarcher).   –  Award winning Celebrity photographer: Art Streiber (Oprah, etal                                                                     

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) with Buffy Ford Stewart  Janusirsasana (head to knee pose)  with Lindsay Crouse  Sarvangasana Full and modified (optional for those with physical limitations) Shoulderstand with Hal Cooper  Matsyasana with Buffy Ford Stewart  Arddha Matsyendrasana (Half Spinal Twist) with Wendy Goldberg  Yoga Nidra (Deep Relaxation with Hal Cooper)

      buffystewart.cobrapose.        Lindsaycrouse.Janusirsasana  Hal Cooper.modified shoulderstand.                    Hal Cooper.DrYogaPhotoShoot.Matsyasana.MeeraStewartWendyGoldberg.DrYogaPhotoShoot.savasana.jpeg
“While filming “Law and Order”   other  shows I do the 10 minute microsession that Nirmala recommends for my lungs,  back and stress and  I  feel better. Really better” —-Lindsay Crouse, Oscar Nom, award winning  actress (The Verdict);  “Places in the Heart” “Indian in the Cupboard”.

Also featuring Singer/Songwriter Buffy Ford Stewart (Heriza&Ford), recovered breast cancer patient  implementing traditional Yoga as modality,  wife of folk legend John Stewart (KingstonTrio) the Monkees, Daydream Believer.   Legendary Award winning T.V. Producer,Director: Maude, Dick Van Dyke All in the Family  and Bestselling Author, Wendy Goldberg, wife of Legendary Film/TV Producer Leonard Goldberg (CBS hit series “Bluebloods”, Charlie’s Angels, Hart to Hart  etal.

Fitness Magazine  program model  is an adaptation of the original Dr Yoga Yoga Vitamin, the “head to knee” pose modified by “Fitness Mag”. For the original traditional  asanas refer to “Dr Yoga by Nirmala Heriza or Swami Swami Satchidananda’s classic “Integral Yoga Hatha”.


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